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Visiting Friend in Silver Spring



After work today, I decided to go for a visit to my friend Jenny’s house. She is one of the few people I know that kinda live close to me. She actually lives in Silver Spring while attending an internship for her university studies.  It has been a while since I seen her, before today and she is now working at an animal shelter. The cool thing about her working at the animal shelter is that she was able to get some chickens. They usually don’t get hens, but last week someone just stopped by and asked it they can drop them off.

The main reason I was there was to help her put together a home for the hens. I was able to get my co-worker, who is an designer, to draw up some chicken coop plans, to help her out.  I just showed him some designs I liked from Backyard Chickens and he was able to create us some custom plans.

We were able to finish up most of the coop today and will be finished tomorrow when I go back. Then hens are not fully grown yet, so they will be fine until then.

Blog is in the Making

Hey guys, this is my first blog and I am in the process of making my first blog post. I just wanted to post something now, so you guys don’t see a blank page and wonder what is going on.

So just to keep you informed, I will be making my first official post within the next couple of days, so please come back to check it out. Until then, you can learn about who I am in the about me page.

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