Sophia’s Backyard Hen Farm

One thing that I picked up over the years was raising backyard chickens. It is a happy that I picked up because one of my friends, who is a farmer, introduced me to his pets which our chickens. I feel that with them instantly and I asked my husband if it was okay if we could have hens at our own backyard. He of course was hesitant of idea because he never heard of anybody having this type farm animal in their own yard. We also live somewhere near the city so it is not common for people to have farm animals as pets. We finally agreed that we would only get a couple of chickens to start off with because we had no idea will get himself into. The first chickens that we got were egg layers and we got them as adults. These went to the next town which has a lot of farms and we asked one of the people who owned one if we could buy a couple of hens for cheap price. They were happy to hear that some city folks were actually interested in having a small chicken farm. They actually gave us one chicken for free because there are so happy I was taken on this hobby.


We also learn how to build a hutch with some chicken coop plans that we found from an Internet blog. Because of this blog daily because it also teaches us how to feed our hands and also how to protect them from any danger that could occur to them. This danger could either occur from predators try to get inside the Coop or the weather being too hot or too cold. We built our hutch with some help of her friends and it turned out looking pretty nice. I was that it was surprising that we built a good-looking Coop because none of us have been good with woodwork. We mostly had to think our friends for this, because we couldn’t have done it without them. I always give them a dozen eggs for free and never I see them or whenever they stop by the house. They also like that we give them these treats because they are more nutritious and they taste a lot better than the store bought eggs that they usually get.

On this blog I’m going to talk about my adventures of having these fantastic pets in my backyard. And notice that there isn’t that many blogs that talk about having chickens as pets, so I decided to create one for everybody to see. I want to increase the amount of homeowners to have the opportunity to pick up this hobby. It is a interesting hobby and I believe it is a fantastic experience if you don’t have any pets as of now. If you have kids, I believe they will also enjoy as well because they will be able to tell their friends about the new furry little friends. The coolest kids and school and all the children want to come over and see the hens for themselves. Also bring some post on how to make healthier chicken feed and a beginners guide on raising hens.

I have did a lot of research and I truly believe that are highly qualified to teach others on how to properly take care of hens. I’ve been studying and raising them for myself for a total of three years now and I’ve also helped many of the neighbors who wanted to create their own farm.I showed them this chicken coop plans yesterday. I also have my own organic garden to supplement the coop that I have in the backyard. You can also look for more information online if you feel like the site is that given you the right information that you need. I’ll also take any questions go to Kens Chicken Farm if you just contact and I would try to answer them.

Useful Backyard Chicken Information: