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A Recap of Education Hack Day

We came, we saw, we hacked The weekend before last, roughly 70 software designers, developers, makers, and educators convened at Digital Harbor High School for an Education Hack Day. The mission was simple: listen to problems sourced by teachers from around the world, pick a dozen or so to tackle, and form teams around those problems that would each come up with and execute a creative solution to solve them. Ideas were pitched and teams were formed on Saturday morning. Throughout the day, we setup some breakaway workshops that would allow for 1 or 2 members from each team to leave the working team for an hour and quickly learn how to use a software API or how to pitch the judges on Sunday. We kicked everyone out of the school around Midnight on Saturday and reconvened at 8am on Sunday. The mood on game day was a bit more intense. With just hours before a functional demo had to be presented to a panel of judges, you could tell that people were fighting distraction to stay in the zone. Sunday Presentations At 4pm on Sunday, presentations began. Judging the presentations was an eclectic but versed group of educators, ed-focused investors, policy makers and more. We were fortunate to have the following judges at our event: Frank Bonsal, GP at New Markets Venture Partners, Matt Van Italie, CAO of...

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5 Lessons from an English Major Turned Entrepreneur

I recently gave a talk to a group of students, faculty & staff who participated in Career Week at my Alma Mater, UMBC. The talk was titled: “Blue Skies & Beyond: 5 Lessons from an English Major Turned Entrepreneur.” The theme was “real life after graduation.” I was not only honored by the opportunity & experience, but it was also an amazing opportunity to look back on life a bit, and think about some of the important things that I’ve learned along the way. The list began to get very very long, so I had to force myself to filter the list down to a few key lessons that are embedded into the fabric of how I operate today. I also thought about what might be motivational or inspiration for the audience. What kind of information may help them take the next step or make the next move to go for their own WIN, in all of their pursuits. The talk was probably the most personal I have ever given. Thats not too surprising since it was about my story and my journey. I started from my early days in high school and went all the way through starting & selling Blue Sky Factory, and finished with the efforts that I am working on today. The talk was a great framework for future speeches, and can be greatly expanded...

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